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Botanical Pharm – Full Spectrum CBD Relief Paste

Potential Uses:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Peace of Mind

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3ml Botanical Pharm – Full Spectrum Relief Paste (25% Hemp All Cannabinoid Extract, CO2 Extracted)

We are proud to present our brand new Full Spectrum Relief Paste.

Using a CO2 extraction technique, this paste is an extremely potent, all cannabinoid product.

You will not find a purer, more powerful paste on the market today!

Potential Benefits:
  • Pain Relief –  This product could give you some serious pain relief.
  • Neurological Disorders- Could be used to give relieve to a whole host of disorders.
  • Mental Health- Could be used to ease anxiety, depression and many more Mental Health Issues
How to Use:

Use a small grain of rice sized amount and rub around the gum area. Allow 1-2 minutes to completely absorb before drinking any fluids. Use sparingly, 1-2 times per day. Increase if needed.

If paste will not dispense it normally just means the temperature is low enough that the paste has hardened slightly. Simply place tube in some warm water for a few minutes to soften.

You will Get:

One tube of Full Spectrum Relief Paste/ 3ml


Botanical Pharm does not claim to treat or prevent medical conditions. Although research suggests CBD has many properties that can help with health & wellness. Always advise your GP before taking. Especially if you are currently taking any medication.

Do not take if Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Under 18 years old. Botanical Pharm takes no responsibility for people who take this product and ignore this advice.

UK Dosage Advice is not to exceed 70mg CBD in one day.

Important: Listen to your own body! Do what works for YOU!

All products on Botanical Pharm contain less than 0.20% THC to suit UK Trading Laws.

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